If you’re planning your own wedding and thinking of adding all those creative personal touches, you really don’t want to miss this…
When I met with Kat and Jamie to discuss the photography for their wedding I was immediately excited about the potential.
I know Kat through a mutual friend (and the school run) so I already know she has a good eye for the creative and after chatting to her about her vision for the wedding I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.
Not only were the locations just up my street, so were the dresses, shoes, transport, flowers….well, I could go on. Basically, if I could get married all over again, this is how I’d do it! (Although I would need to find a few extra bridesmaids other than my sister, any takers?)
I began the day at the Mother of the Bride’s house – with six bridesmaids and two flowers girls the house was full of ‘hwyl’ – but still, the place was a picture of serenity.
Kat’s dress was by Justin Alexander and a dream to shoot, and the Bridesmaid dresses, by Lindy Bop were divine.

Rocksalt Photography-1

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Rocksalt Photography-15



Next stop was Berriew Church to see the boys; all was very calm here too (the hip flask of whisky may have been a helping hand there).
Now, I just have to take opportunity to mention David. David was the Bestman, THE best Bestman EVER! If you’re planning your big day you need to get yourselves one of him!

Rocksalt Photography-21
Rocksalt Photography-25

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Rocksalt Photography-22

The girls arrived in style in a beautiful vintage bus and the day continued its relaxed way through the ceremony. One of the Bridesmaids, Laura, sang beautifully while the register was signed *my camera view may have misted up a little while photographing this bit*.

Rocksalt Photography-28

Rocksalt Photography-29

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Rocksalt Photography-36


Once we were out of the church we had free reign of Bettws for a few photographs; Jamie grew up in Berriew and, as far as I could tell, he pretty much knows everyone who lives there so we could pretty much go wherever we wanted!

Rocksalt Photography-37

Rocksalt Photography-40

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Back on the bus they went, and this time I got to have ride too! Lots of corks popped and lots of toasts were made; bubbles + bus = giggles.

Rocksalt Photography-48

Rocksalt Photography-49

Rocksalt Photography-50

Rocksalt Photography-51

Rocksalt Photography-52

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Rocksalt Photography-54

Now, this is the bit I was looking forward to, Kat’s decor of the town hall…and it looked magnificent; everything had come together wonderfully. Not only inside the hall but the whole look and feel of Montgomery town as a venue just worked perfectly for them! It only helped reinforce Montgomery as one of my favourite places.

Rocksalt Photography-55

Rocksalt Photography-56

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Rocksalt Photography-60

The weather played its part and produced a beautiful fine day and a vintage sofa was suitably placed outside the Town Hall for guests to enjoy an al-fresco drink.

Rocksalt Photography-61

Rocksalt Photography-84


The amount of care, detail and handy-work Kat and her family had put into decorating the wedding breakfast room paid off; it oozed creativity and class…

Am I getting across how much love I had for this wedding?

BESTMAN MENTION ALERT: Dave (that Best Bestman ever I mentioned) then appeared with a pint…FOR ME (take note future Bestmen).

Everyone tucked into the delicious meal in the striking surroundings and many a toast was made to get the evening under way.

Rocksalt Photography-62

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After the meal, I took Jamie, Kat and their three children up to Montgomery Castle; the ruins of this Norman castle are situated high above the surrounding landscape on a large rock and the views go on for miles, it is a magical location to capture the sun setting on a perfect day.

Rocksalt Photography-87

Rocksalt Photography-88

Rocksalt Photography-89

Rocksalt Photography-90

Rocksalt Photography-91

Rocksalt Photography-92

Rocksalt Photography-93


In a moonlit Montgomery it was time to dance and of course the epitome of romance; the first dance… Kat and James’s routine started suitably soppy… then changed to Cheerleader… which suited this couple right down to the ground.

Rocksalt Photography-97

Rocksalt Photography-98

Rocksalt Photography-99

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Rocksalt Photography-101


Thank you, Mr and Mrs Davies for choosing me to capture your day. I bloody loved it!

Hannah x

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THE DRESS – Justin Alexander http://www.justinalexanderbridal.com

BRIDESMAIL DRESSES – Lindy Bop http://www.lindybop.co.uk @LindyBopDresses

SUITS – Peter Posh – http://www.peterposh.co.uk

FLOWERS : Bloomers (Newtown) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bloomers/229199490603996  01686 624889

CATERING : The Dragon Hotel http://www.dragonhotel.com @TheDragonWales

VINTAGE BUS : Boultons of Shropshire http://www.boultonsofshropshire.com


VENUE : Montgomery Town Hall http://www.montgomery-wales.co.uk/town/hall.html

MAKE UP :Laura’s Mobile Massage and Beauty http://laurasmassageandbeauty.vpweb.co.uk/?prefix=www  https://www.facebook.com/Lauras-Mobile-Massage-and-Beauty-406901762681312/timeline/

HAIR : Blayney’s Acadamy https://www.facebook.com/BlayneysAcademy?fref=ts