Being a girlboss, ladyboss, woman in business (whatever hashtag you want to call it) is amazing – I absolutely love being the queen of my castle. But it can be a lonely place to be sometimes. So, surrounding myself with like minded #girlbosses has saved my sanity more than a few times.

I started to think about this shoot a couple of months ago and when Joanie Clothing said they wanted in it HAD to be done! I’ve followed (and bought) so much from Joanie Clothing this year – go check them out. Thank you ladies for your generosity, support and general awesomeness!

I wanted to capture the importance of the sisterhoods out there in the business world – having each others backs, being a good sounding board and most of all (for us anyway) letting our inner cray cray out with each other with no judgments!

Here’s a little background on these awesome babes.

SamSams Sweet Treats – Cake Maker extraordinaire. I’ve knows Sam since I was 16/17 ish – I was her work experience student when she worked in an art gallery – many moons ago. We got on from day one (pretty much) – a night out on the beer sealed our friendship and we’ve never looked back. We’ve been through a lot together, seen each other get married, we have 5 kids between us and somehow we both fell into the wedding industry. This girl is pretty much my back bone – she pushes me professionally and makes me believe in myself and won’t ever take no for an answer. Her cake skills are insane, I actually don’t believe that what she does doesn’t involve some sort of magic. She’s totes a witch.

I then met KrystaFor the Love of Weddings, closely followed by DonnaPheasant Botanica.

I met Krysta at a wedding that she was styling and I was shooting. We started chatting, she made me laugh (a lot) and by the end of the wedding she had invited me to shoot on a Styled Shoot she was planning. I had been stalking Donna’s amazing floral ability online and told Krysta about her. So she came on board with the shoot too.

Krysta’s styling can only be described as breathtaking – every time I see a wedding styled by her, it makes me want to get married all over again so that she could plan and design the whole thing. She has this amazing ability to put people at ease from the second she opens her mouth, every wedding she creates is a true representation of the couple that she gets to know so well.

Krysta has had a total shit storm of a year, she lost her lovely Mum to cancer and since, has been amazingly strong – looking after her wonderful girls and running her business while trying to compute what the fuck just happened. I love you so much Krysta – you’re one amazing Mama.

I met with Donna a couple of weeks later and again, we just clicked. We’re very much alike in our approach to things in business and as mothers. She’s a total legend. Everything I ever do with Donna is just effortless, totally chilled. Ohh and she’s related to my husband somehow! But thats not really news as most people are…… (My parents moved into this area – so pretty sure i’m safe!)

Donna’s floral designs are just bewildering – I’d never seen florals like Donna’s before – they blew my mind – they still do.

So this Styled Shoot that brought us together was to take place at Garthmyl Hall – an amazing new venue. Now this is where it gets to one of those (to quote Prince Harry) stars aligning moments…. bear with me…..

So the night before meeting Krysta I had been emailing Julia – brainchild of the amazing new venue Garthmyl Hall, chatting about meeting up and introducing ourselves.

So when Krysta mentioned a shoot at Garthmyl Hall everything just slipped into place.

Meeting Julia….. So we were all meeting at Garthmyl to have a little recce – it had been gutted and having a total refurb – what that woman has done there is nothing short of a miracle – it is without a doubt the most beautiful wedding venue I have ever shot at. Julia works so hard and her passion for Garthmyl Hall runs so deep – I hope you’re proud of everything you’ve achieved these past 2 years lady! Oh, did I mention that Julia is a total nutter? I think she’s one of the funniest people I’ve EVER met, she never fails to make me LOL. She’s one of those people that’s always been in a scenario that just makes you hide your head in your hands and howl!

So that’s my background with these girls. Each of our businesses have flourished these past 2 years and we’ve all been a part of each others successes in some shape or form.

Since meeting Donna and Krysta; aswell as running their own business they have joined forces and formed a sister company Style + Bloom, Sam has won a National Wedding Award, Julia opened Garthmyl Hall and has hosted the most amazing weddings, and still the venue is growing.

I can’t forget to mention that apart from running these kickass business’ we have 11 kids between us and we’re totally #MUMBOSSING it too.

I love you girls so much – you’ll never know how much your friendships, support and advice has saved me over the years. Just our group chats and gif sending keeps me sane! (Well kind of – there is some freaky shit that goes on there)!

Big love to all of your GIRLBOSSES kicking ass out there! You’ve got this.


The shoot was such a giggle. The awesome girlbosses at The Hair Boutique Newtown styled our hair and Laura and Coral shared the make up duties.

Also a massive thank you to UStrike for allowing us to shoot there.


VENUE // Ustrike – Newtown //

HAIR // The Hair Boutique Newtown //

MAKE UP // Laura

MAKE UP // Coral

@thehairboutiquenewtown // @makeupbylaurajones // @hairby_coral