I’m finishing off #septemblog with our lovely guest blogger Hayley (@maminthemountains) – I’ve been following Hayley on Insta for a while now, her feed is kinda addictive – a mix of style, family life, and lifestyle – go follow her @maminthemountains

Here she is telling us a little about her passion for all things vintage.

I like old things. I can’t quite remember when my absolute love of all things from bygone eras began, but I do have some early memories of always looking for ‘treasure’. Whenever we use to visit someone’s home as a family, I would ask “could I please use your toilet”. My mothers eyes would roll an she would grit her teeth as she knew exactly what I was about to do. I would disappear (sometimes for quite a while) into rooms upstairs, searching for special, intriguing, shiny objects. This is terrible and I cringe at the memory, but I would look in draws, under beds, I’m surprised that my young eyes did not encounter anything not PG, shall we say. I must add here that I never took any of these objects, I simply liked to find things, look at them an put them back in their place.

As I got older my mother and I would attend antique fairs. I loved searching the rooms, looking for beautiful, interesting objects. I could only buy little things with my limited pocket money, mostly old postcards from the 1920’s or costume jewellery, but I each time I would fall in love witness old objects a little bit more. I would always imagine the people who owned these things before, make up stories for them, which is something I still do now. I love that objects carry memories and come with a personal history. In my 20’s, this love of ‘old things’ extended to my wardrobe, my home, the things I watched and the way I listened to music, preferring to pop a vinyl record on than swipe a iPod. I started shopping in vintage shops and my style evolved to make way for 1950’s shapes. I adored starlets from the silver screen and wanted to emulate Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren rather than Kim Kardashian. The workmanship on these items are exquisite, I often find clothes from these era’s fit much better and always make me feel a little bit special. I would always rather curl up (possibly in a silk dressing gown) and watch a classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffanys has always been one of my favourites, than do something “modern”.

As I’ve approached adulthood and parenthood, my spending has changed from frivolous tutu purchases for myself to furniture for my home and possessions for my children. My love affair for the ‘old’ had continued into these areas, I find it exhilarating searching for quirky objects to fill my home, things that people will comment on, whether good or bad. From old vintage school desks and chairs, apothecary tables, blanket boxes to ornate dressing tables. Infant nearly every piece of furniture in my youngest child, Kitty’s, bedroom is an antique. Expect for her cot, but even that has been used for each of my children. Something which I find extremely sentimental, as I have the memory of laying each of my 3 children down to sleep in that cot. Another special piece is a rocking chair, that my uncle, who used to be an antique dealer, sourced for me for my first child’s nursery. Each child has had this in their rooms as babies and I have rocked all of them to sleep, at various times of the night, on it. These things hold personal memories for me and it is this essence that clings onto all things I believe. The love, the sweat, the tears, the beautiful memories.Yes, I like old things.

Thank you so much Hayley for taking the time to write a lovely blog for my #septemblog (and for saving me from doing it)!