March has turned out to be unbelievably busy! I have done numerous family sessions, a bit of architecture photography (always nice to do something a bit different,) a wedding fayre at Maesmawr Hall and I have met with more lovely couples to discuss their big day. One of my favourite jobs this month was working with Sam, of Sam’s Sweet Treats. Sam wanted some images of her delicious cakes; she had a lot of new designs to share, so after a wedding fayre at Mellington Hall where she had showcased her collection, what better time to shoot them? I arrived at Sam’s house mid morning, the sun was shining and it was actually warm so to take advantage of the apparent arrival of spring, I suggested that we shoot outside. I have seen so many images of cakes displayed on bits of vintage wallpaper recently, and yes they do look pretty but I wanted to go for something a bit more creative with Sam’s cakes and really show off their splendour. I was completely spoilt for choice for props as Sam has horded trinkets from her family over the years, searched charity shops and vintage stalls for anything and everything pretty! We heaved a dresser outside to the garden and began the sumptuous sunlit shoot! Sam was horrified when I said “put your face on, I’m shooting you next”… After a short while indoors she appeared the vision of a perfect Stepford Wife in her heels and pretty dress. She photographs very well, and felt comfortable and we had a real giggle. I love shoots like this as most of the day I can play around with props; dressing the scene to achieve the desired look and hopefully create an appealing image.  Rocksalt-5 Rocksalt-6

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Rocksalt-65 Rocksalt-62 Rocksalt-58 Rocksalt-56

Rocksalt-55 Rocksalt-53 Rocksalt-51 Rocksalt-49 Rocksalt-48 Rocksalt-45 Rocksalt-40 Rocksalt-37 Rocksalt-33 Rocksalt-30 Rocksalt-27 Rocksalt-24 Rocksalt-21 Rocksalt-18 Rocksalt-20

Thank you Sam for such a fun day, I look forward to doing more with you in the future.

See some more of Sam’s Sweet Treats here :