Gwyn and Sara tied the knot in June.

Ceremony in Machynlleth than a marquee in Mallwyd.

Now, lets not sugar coat this – the 10th of June was torrential!  – Marquee wedding, field, wedding dress, rain – not good right ?


I know this sounds silly and I wasn’t feeling this chilled about it on the day, believe me!…… But the rain actually added an amazing vibe to the whole day. The marquee was AMAZING – the best I’ve ever seen in fact! I cannot image the man hours that went into creating the gorgeousness of it! Tulipa flowers created the most amazing floral arrangements – the flowers hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the marquee were out of this world!

Imagine if it had been sunny! We wouldn’t have enjoyed the epicness of the marquee half as much!

Also – on days like these, I have to really keep on my toes – get everything done that I’d usually get done – just in a more creative way I guess! Family groups in a marquee that also has nearly 200 people in it isn’t easy, but we did it – Sara’s floral wall was the perfect backdrop for these.

The rain eased off (a bit) by early evening so we managed to get out for a few couple portraits including some cows. (moo)

Since the wedding Sara told me that her favourite images are the ones with umbrellas, something that wouldn’t have happened with out the rain.

So, you see – rain doesn’t have to be a negative. Yes, we’d all prefer a dry day – but rain can bring lots of positives too.

Oooooo also I got to work with Clic and we got fed steak by Oak Apple Catering – Happy Rocksalter!



DRESS // Shropshire Country Brides.
                 Bridesmaids = Jessica’s Bridal.
 VEIL // Jessica’s Bridal
 RINGS // Jewellery House, Aberystwyth
 CAKE // Hayley’s Piped Dreams
 FILM // Cynhyrchiad CLIC
FLOWERS // Tulipa Flowers
 BAND // Indienational
STATIONARY // Sally and Wendy
CATERING // Oak Apple Catering

SUITS // Wedding Belles at Lauras

SECOND SHOOTER // Sabina Kinghorn