I  had the pleasure of meeting little Poppie yesterday. She is just beautiful.

It’s great doing a shoot with a family who bring some ideas with them and think outside the box too.

Poppie’s Mum & Nanny are extremely creative craftswomen and wanted to incorporate their talents into the shoot, to showcase their work alongside Poppie.

Their work has a vintage twist, have a look at it here: www.facebook.com/belleencraftsboutique

Nanny had knitted a beautiful little outfit for Poppie to wear and they had the most elegant vintage sewing machine to add to the mix, and Sam who had also come to help,  bakes the most delicious and stunning cakes, had brought her vintage style kitchen scales to use too.  Here’s some mouth-watering temptation for you: www.facebook.com/pages/Sams-Sweet-Treats/295584827133132?fref=ts

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I was in my element given such wonderful props to work with; it really does make a difference when the shoot is personal to the family, it also gives me a chance to get the creative juices flowing and produce a photograph that is unique and holds special memories.

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So, have a rummage through that attic, garage or under the stairs, you never know what you might find that would be perfect to pose your baby in!


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Those first few weeks of your baby’s life are so precious and that beautiful newborn stage is over before you know it.

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