Sometimes – We need to say well done to ourselves for our achievements – big or small.

Sometimes – Life gets in the way and we just keep on chugging, forgetting what we’ve actually achieved.

Sometimes – we shout about it on social media, let’s be honest we do that for thumbs up from others, but what about you sitting back and thinking – Wow! I did that!

Well – this ^ is me.

I started thinking about this after a text conversation with my bestie…….

Me : Let’s get together soon – are you free on the 15th?

Anna : I’m in court that week (she’s a lawyer – not a criminal)! What about the week after?

Me : I’m shooting Claire Mischevani’s new collection beginning of the week and styled shoot on the Friday

Anna : OMG! Imagine our 18 year old selves reading these messages! 

Me : Right!! We made it sista! 

Anna : We sure did. 

And she was right! At 18 if someone had told me what I’d achieved by the time I was thirty (something) 😉 I would have been so proud!

In our case, we both achieved our career goals! Anna a lawyer and me a photographer – a real photographer that gets paid to do what I LOVE!

BIG ME UP TIME // I’ve exhibited work in galleries, sold my art work, travelled the world with my camera, shot the most beautiful weddings, been published in magazines and on blogs I only could have dreamed of a few years ago, won 3 national wedding awards and I still get emails daily that blow my mind with peoples kind words!

I really hope this isn’t coming across as brash – I couldn’t have done ANY of this without the support of so many, the support I receive from my clients genuinely keeps me thriving to do my best.  Really what i’m trying to say is – just stop sometimes and give yourself a pat on the back, have that Whoop moment with yourself!

I’m off to go give myself a high five……