Across social media it seems most people want rid of 2017 – I kinda liked it and had a blast! Let’s not mention politics right now – I’m trying to be up beat here people – but yes, the UK is going to shit and the NHS is dying a cruel death under the Tories………….. But y’all got married dudes and that was freakin’ awesome!

Let me take this moment to thank every single one of you for BRINGING IT this year – every single bride, groom, bridal party person, family member, wedding guest (well most of them)! supplier, supporter etc etc for making my job the best in the world.

Thank you all for trusting me – especially you couples on your big day – I know I ask a lot and ask you to do things that – if I’m honest I don’t think i’d have done on my wedding day! But I hope you feel it was worth it and have fun memories of those, wall climbs, hikes and bumpy rides.

You utterly rocked it this year – keep it real bitches, never stop being Wild at Heart.

*Please comment below about your fave wedding moment with Rocksalt*