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So if you’re happy, in love and super awesome – we’ll have this nailed.



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Dave + Katie // He’s her lobster…

At David + Katie's wedding I kept finding myself saying....He's her lobster! Lobster : noun, plural : Refers to the person of whom another is meant to be with forever. The term originated due to the fact that lobsters mate for life. (At least, according to Phoebe)...

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A Dragon + Viking love story // Wedding Nanteos Mansion

I got to return to Nanteos this month to photograph Lee + Lisa's wedding. Lee and Lisa's wedding plans caught my eye from the very first enquiry - she mentioned Moomins so that was pretty much the decider for me! Their day would reflect their cultures, Lee is Welsh...

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Rowton Castle Wedding // Ben + Libby

When Ben + Libby first enquired and told me Rowton Castle was their venue choice, I’m not going to lie, I almost didn’t want to do it. You see Rowton Castle is an extremely important place for me - It’s where I got married back in 2008. I was kind of nervous to see...

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