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Love, happiness, light and awesomeness.

So if you’re happy, in love and super awesome – we’ll have this nailed.



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#GIRLBOSSING the shit out of life.

Being a girlboss, ladyboss, woman in business (whatever hashtag you want to call it) is amazing - I absolutely love being the queen of my castle. But it can be a lonely place to be sometimes. So, surrounding myself with like minded #girlbosses has saved my sanity more...

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Greg + Rhain // Rowton Castle

Greg and Rhian got married at Rowton Castle in August this year. The day completely rocked. I have known Rhian's family since I was little and have photographed 2 of her sisters weddings. So I knew what I was letting myself into - these kids are freakin' cray cray....

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Gym W#nker

This May, I decided to make a few changes. My youngest had started school and even I'd had enough of my excuses. What changes? I've added a new man into my life! He's amazing! Young, fit, funny - you should all try it! Don't worry, husband Neil knows all about him, we...

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