Rocksalt are outraged!

A story has appeared about a wedding photographer, Nelson Tang, who is being sued by disgruntled clients. Tang photographed the wedding and apparently did a good job. So good in fact that the couple posted them on Facebook and they garnered lots of positive comments. The couple then decided that ‘they didn’t like’ the photos and so decided to sue Tang for $300,000 if he didn’t pay them around $10,000 upfront. It then transpired that the lawsuit wasn’t legitimate so it would seem that the couple and their lawyer are bullying Tang in order to make some easy money.

If they were successful in extracting money from Tang it would have devastating consequences for photographers. People book photographers on the strength of their portfolio so to claim that they don’t like the images after the event is unacceptable. There are cases of course, where a photographer will produce poor work but this is usually the ones at the lower end of the price range that are just hobbyists or not doing it as a profession. If technically bad photographs or blatantly unflattering images are taken then yes, the client has a right to complain but any wedding photographer worth their salt will have a good contract that protects both themselves and the client. Also it would be a rare occasion that a pro photographer would produce dodgy images otherwise they wouldn’t be in business. This is a cut and dry case of BAAAAAD behaviour by the anonymous couple, who incidentally also ensured that the internet is awash with inflammatory info about Tang. Extortion, blackmail, coercion – ugly ways to behave.

We say, expose the couple and support Tang. This could be devastating not only for innocent wedding photographers but for thousands of small business owners or self employed people who don’t have the wealth to defend themselves as a huge corporation could.


See Gary Fong explain the case here:
Nelson’s support page: